Special Event leashes UKI US OPEN 2024



this listing comes with dogs, name  of the event ,  year on the neck of the collar.


If you want to add on embroidery for handle, it is extra.



Our hand braided Martingale Leash is braided with Paracord for extra strength. To add embroidery is Leash can be made with or without this.


all colors will be emailed or text to you for you to confirm. I like to do this because there’s so many different variations of each color so just please put in the colors you will desire and I will send you pictures and we will go from there.This will be done when your leash is up, So you have my full attention. I do all leash in the order I receives them. 

also embroidery on the handle please let me know if you want embroidery on one side of the handle or bracelet style centered.

also, if you would like to add glitter to your ribbon on the handle or the neck piece or braided throughout, please note and what color glitter ribbon you would like. These will be emailed to you with the colors of the fabric as well.

Embroidery is fully customizable on the handle and neck.

Please provide desired embroidery in the text box.If you don't add anything to box it will not charge you for embroidery.

Please provide dog neck measurement in the text box - please measure behind the ears and make sure it very tight with no space 

To view available leash fabric options, please click here