Rabbit hide


Comes with around 24 ears about a 1 lb of ears

1/2 pound has about 12 ears 

Note bulk orders of 5-10lbs with be not individually bagged. They will be shipped in shipping box for you to put in your own packaging. 

The rabbit ears are developed following the BARF philosophy, without the addition of preservatives or artificial colors. Rabbit ears are prepared by hand in an artisanal way, with meat of 100% Italian origin: in addition, they are not cooked, but dried at a low temperature (90°C) so as to leave the proteins unchanged without stressing them out.


collagen helps keep joints strong, high protein content promotes muscle development, hair helps transit intestinal and rabbit is an excellent meat, lean and highly digestible!


Once you try our friends will never be able to do without it!
Made in Italy